Zero Waste Week 2012

Welcome to the fifth National Zero Waste Week which asks every one of us to slim our bins.

This year’s theme is ‘One More Thing‘ which reminds us that the collective impact of taking baby steps can add up to significant change.  This year we’re focusing on improving our recycling habits because if every household in England recycled ‘one more thing’, the total amount collected for recycling could increase by more than three-quarters of a million tonnes.

Sign up on founder Mrs Green’s website and pledge just one change in your waste habits.  And see her top tips:

If you’re just starting to recycle: Beginner’s tips for household recycling
If you’re already recycling: Further steps to reduce your household waste
If you’re a committed Zero Waster: Recycling for Pro’s

Or find out how she took Jeremy Irons naked shopping for his film Trashed.  Not shopping naked yet?  Mrs. Green Reveals all. 

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