Transition Shrewsbury Tackle Loss of Kerbside Cardboard Collections

When Shropshire Council stopped kerbside collections of cardboard at the end of last year,  residents stepped in to fill the gap.

Transition Town Shrewsbury urged people to share trips to the household recycling centre,  to collect at schools, scouts and guides.  And as Christmas is one of the times when people have most waste Transition Shrewsbury ran “Cardboard Christmas”  –  setting up three collection points in town the first Saturday of the New Year.  Cardboard Christmas collected 11 tonnes of cardboard from the 950 people who brought their card.  Thanks to the help of 48 volunteers, support from local business and the free loan of trucks from social enterprises Cae Post and Cwm Harry, Cardboard Christmas was able to raise £560 for the Hospice and Hope House from the sale of cardboard collected.

Cardboard collections still haven’t been reinstated, so Transition Shrewsbury have linked up with Ludlow 21 to promote community action on cardboard recycling and other materials not collected at the kerbside, like clothes and mixed plastics.  For more information contact Ali Thomas on




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