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Love to write? Passionate about sustainable development? Interested in zero waste? Zero Waste UK want inquisitive, talented and creative writers to join our team of blog contributors. You’ll pitch ideas to our team of Editors who’ll work with you to develop your idea. If successfully approved, your pieces will be shared on our website and social media, and you’ll be able to create a blog profile so that we can give you full attribution for your work. Any questions about applications, please get in contact.

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Organisational volunteering (e.g. helping with events)

We’re always looking for volunteers to help with our general organisation. For example,  over last few years, Zero Waste UK has organised a number of events. However, as we look to expand and build the movement further, we are hoping to organise bigger events, such as a zero waste festival. Not only will this help increase the visibility of zero waste, it should also be great fun for all involved and a chance to network with others who care about the cause.

The button below will direct you to a form below to register an interest in volunteering. We’ll keep you informed about future events and how you can get involved.


Social media volunteer: make zero waste visible

The biggest challenge facing the zero waste movement is getting our messages into the mainstream; it is critical that we do not simply look inwards and talk amongst ourselves, preaching to the already converted. This is something YOU can help us with. By sharing our blog posts on social media, you can help maximise our visibility and help build the zero waste community across the UK.  Below all of our blog posts are social share buttons which you can use to share our articles. In addition, our footer containers social follow buttons which you can use to follow our social media.