Stitched Up: for a more sustainable fashion industry

Stitched Up is a non-profit organisation on a mission to make fashion more just, ethical and sustainable through upcycling workshops and diverse initiatives

Stitched Up

Who are Stitched Up

Stitched Up is a non-profit cooperative on a mission to make fashion more sustainable. The organisation’s name is a metaphor reflecting how the organisation feels the fashion industry treats them, shoppers and workers.

Founded in 2012, Stitched Up run garment making and upcycling workshops. Their aim is to encourage individuality, pride and sustainability through fashion and style. As well as organising upcycling workshops, Stitched Up host clothes swap parties, social gatherings and educational events to help spread their philosophy, ideas and values. Though they are based in Chorlton, they organise workshops and events right across the Greater Manchester region.

The grassroots collective has grown from the team’s passion for human-rights, the environment and style and creativity. For example, Bryony Moore is one of the original founders of Stitched Up. Alongside her work with the organisation, Bryony is a writer and researcher for Ethical Consumer magazine and is a regional coordinator for Labour Behind The Labour. Moreover, the team is made up of individuals with diverse interests and skills spanning fashion and style to human-rights and sustainability campaigning.

Why Stitched Up exist

Stitched Up have a bold mission statement – “to inform people about the often exploitative nature of the clothing industry, and to encourage you to invest in your clothes by fixing and upcycling them.” In a nutshell, the cooperative’s goal is to build an alternative fashion industry.

Stitched Up want to change the way that people perceive clothing and fashion. They want people to see fashion as an investment and encourage people to save up for high-quality items that last a lifetime. This is in contrast to today’s fashion industry where goods are often bought cheaply, have a short lifespan and are made by workers in exploitative sweatshop conditions.

A core part of the organisation’s philosophy is teaching new skills so that they can themselves invest in their own clothes through mending, making or creating. They want to empower people so they have the tools to craft their own style in a way that is both guilt-free and sweatshop free.

What they do and how you can get involved

To develop new skills, Stitched Up offer regular workshops and classes. They have on-site sewing machines for people to hire, along with hot drinks and useful books nearby. The friendly staff will be on hand too to offer any useful tips so you can craft the style you want. They also offer up cycling parties, perfect fun for eco-fashionistas of all ages.

For up to date information on events and activities, see Stitched Up’s “What’s On” web page. In addition, check out their blog for all the latest Stitched Up news! And if you have any questions, get in contact with Stitched Up and they’d be more than happy to help (however big or small your query may be).

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