Sign up to zero waste week and save £50 per month

There’s no catch – you really could save £50 a month!

Are you fed up with pulling slimy salad leaves from the back of the fridge?

Have you had enough of mouldy bread? What about brown bananas leeching orange gunk from their skins?

According to research, the average householder wastes £50 of food per month, and now it’s time to stop!

September 2-8th is Zero Waste Week. The theme is “Use it up!” where you’re invited to sign up and reduce your food waste.

Why not pledge to take the challenge? You could save over £50 a month on your shopping bill and be in with the chance of winning some great prizes; all while doing something great for the environment. You’ll join a growing community of people who are committed to reducing food waste, sharing recipes and support.

Register at Zero Waste Week 2013 website or join the Facebook events page.

Here are some of the things you can pledge to do:

  • Wise up on portion control – this handy portion calculator will help
  • Resist BOGOF offers – you know most of them end up in the bin
  • Use up stored food – get rid of the stockpile in your freezer and on the shelves
  • Share a zero waste recipe – inspire others
  • Buy loose – by purchasing loose fruits and vegetables you can buy exactly the amount you need.
  • Menu plan – you’ll only buy what you need
  • Ignore best before dates – Best Before dates have nothing to do with food safety; they are all about texture, taste and appearance.
  • Don’t shop when hungry! – A simple tip that can make all the difference.
  • Ban the words ‘leftovers’ and replace with ‘ingredients!’

Let us know in the comments below how YOU will reduce food waste this year!

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