The Real Junk Food Project – join the revolution to tackle food waste

A global network of pay-as-you-feel concepts diverting food that would otherwise be thrown away and making it accessible for human consumption

The Real Junk Food Project

One-third of the planet’s food goes to waste – that’s enough food to feed 2 billion people. This is despite the fact that 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy life.

The Real Junk Food Project say enough is enough: it’s time to take action against food waste.

The organisation intercept food that would otherwise be discarded and make it accessible for human consumption. The source of this food is diverse – supermarkets, restaurants, wholesalers, food banks. But the principle is same nonetheless: it’s food that would otherwise go to waste made accessible for human consumption.

Through cafes, Sharehouse’s, Fuel For School and outside catering events, The Real Junk Food Project uses a “pay as you feel” concept to utilise food waste. As the term implies, people pay in accordance to how much they feel the food is worth.

However, The Real Junk Food Project is keen to point out that their services are not just targeted at the “homeless” or “needy”. More specifically, their website states that: “we don’t just feed ‘homeless people’, ‘the needy’, nor do we just feed asylum seekers, refugees, or whoever. We feed everyone. In order for us to prove the value and safety of food waste, we couldn’t just feed specific demographics of people. We believe food waste is absolutely fit for human consumption and so that’s who we feed – human beings.”

The first cafe opened up in Armley, Leeds in December 2013. Due to the popularity of the concept, the network of cafes has grown organically and now are spread right across the UK (and there are even cafes across Europe and Australia).

The Real Junk Food Project has recently confirmed that a pay-as-you-feel cafe will be opening up in Manchester in the next few weeks. Fans of the revolutionary concept took to social media to express their excitement.


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