Zero Waste UK – Our Mission Statement

Zero Waste UK – Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, bold and visionary: to increase the visibility and uptake of zero waste practices across the UK.

In a nutshell, Zero Waste UK is committed to increasing the visibility and uptake of zero waste practices in the UK. Although zero waste ideas are already receiving an increasing amount of attention, we want to bring zero waste ideas further into the mainstream. Our mission is to make people aware of what zero waste involves, the opportunities presented by zero waste and what steps people can take towards helping to make our zero waste vision a reality.

Drawing inspiration from our partner organisations within the Zero Waste Europe network such as Zero Waste France, Zero Waste Italy or Zero Waste Slovenia, we aim to build and grow a coordination space in the UK for all those groups and individuals committed to a zero waste future.

Our mission is to unite and bring together the zero waste community in the UK and help develop our vision.  Founded in 2008, Zero Waste UK aims to:

  • Function as a coordination space, advocacy group and knowledge network for the zero waste community of the UK where people can share zero waste ideas, stories and organise collectively together to provide a strong voice for zero waste UK
  • Support individuals and communities in reducing their own waste through cultural change and responsible consumption
  • Campaign for waste to be designed out by manufacturers and retailers
  • Campaign for changes in waste policy which create pressure for change in the UK
  • Work collaboratively with other like-minded organisations / individuals