Find out where your bring banks are and use them

Kerbside recycling collections can be limited which is why it’s good to be familiar with your local Bring Banks.

Bring Banks are recycling areas dotted around that provide containers for certain recyclable materials.

You’ll find them outside pubs, supermarkets or other council-owned areas and you might be surprised to learn what is nearby!

This really is a postcode lottery, so just because your friend on one side of the country can recycle certain things locally, you will need to find out what is available to you.

Over on the Recycle Now website, you can type in your postcode and you’ll see a map of where you live surrounded by blue ‘bins’. These bins indicate your nearest Bring Banks, along with details of what you can recycle there.

Don’t just type in your home postcode – think of regular errands you make; visiting family, taking your kids to clubs or driving to work – is there anywhere on the way to these places you could use too?

Once you’ve found out what you can recycle locally, get together some suitable containers and start using your local Bring Banks!


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