Drinking craft beer could help to reduce food waste

The UK throws away an estimated £13 billion worth of food in a given year; entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to turn waste food into craft beer.

One-third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste. In terms of the UK, it is estimated that 44 per cent of bread that is baked gets thrown away. Reducing this waste will arguably require paradigmatic cultural change and a big debate about societal organisation in relation to consumption and production.

However, across the UK, microbreweries are fighting back. They are refusing to let food simply go to waste. Instead, they are turning waste food into one of the most loved products in the world – beer.

Toast Ale

Founded by Tristam Stuart, Toast Ale quite simply source unwanted bread and use it to brew beer. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Toast Ale give any profits made to Feedback, an environmental organisation that campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system.

Toast Ale proudly declare that they hope to put themselves out of business, envisaging a world where there is no bread waste. They’re not protective over their recipe either. Their website has a home-brew recipe so that anyone can make their own pale ale using any leftover bread they may have.

Crumbs Brewing

Similarly, Crumbs Brewing is on a mission to also convert artisan bread that would otherwise go to waste into beer. Crumbs Brewing uses unsold bloomer loaves from Reigate’s Chalk Hills Bakery to make their popular Crumbs Amber Lager. Akin to Toast Ale, Crumbs Brewing is turning something that would otherwise go to waste into a popular product. Both Crumbs Brewing and Toast Ale demonstrate that zero waste can be innovative, fun and creative!

Toast Ale’s Rob Wilson articulates his vision to end food waste

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