20 quick, simple and easy zero waste lifestyle tips

See our blog for regular updates on how to make your lifestyle zero waste. Here are 20 quick, simple and easy steps to get you started on your journey.


  • Re-use paper clips instead of using staples
  • Manage bills and payments electronically
  • Use a recycling and compost bin
  • Refuse free pens when offered: if demand falls, so will supply
  • Use your local library to borrow books rather than buying brand new


  • Buy package-free solid soap
  • Use toothbrushes made of bamboo (read our blog post on why this is so great)
  • Refill bottles with bulk shampoo and conditioner
  • While shower heats up, collect water in a bucket and use to water plants
  • Make your own toothpaste (baking soda, coconut oil, and spearmint essential oil)


  • Buy in bulk using your own reusable jars and containers
  • Eliminate use of disposals e.g. switch paper towels for cloth
  • Use recipes so as to avoid cooking more food than you need
  • Have a compost bin and recycling bin
  • Shop at local farmer’s market or cooperative


  • Install a rainwater catchment
  • Return any plastic containers no longer in use to nursery
  • Buy in bulk instead of small units in plastic bags
  • Share tools and equipment with neighbours, family and friends
  • Make room for a compost pile

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