Zero Waste UK – For a planet without waste

Our mission is to increase the visibility and uptake of zero waste practices in the UK and beyond…

Zero waste is about thinking critically and creatively about how waste can be eliminated before it has even been produced. This is in contrast to conventional end-of-pipe waste management strategies (e.g. incineration or landfill management) which are oriented around the assumption that waste is inevitable.

The vision of Zero Waste UK is a planet without waste, where economies are circular and everything that is produced or consumed is returned back to nature or society. Zero waste seeks to transform the way we consume and produce so that we safeguard the health and improve the lives of everyone who produces, works with or is affected by waste – in other words, all of us.

Zero Waste UK’s mission is to make this dream a reality in the UK, as it is already in many municipalities around the world. But Zero Waste UK need your support –  get involved and take action!

Who We Are

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Zero Waste UK is a not for profit organisation on a mission to increase the visibility and uptake of zero waste practices across the UK.

Zero Waste is happening both in the UK and all over the world. Every day, more and more people are inspired to engage in zero waste initiatives, whether that is in lifestyles choices or in zero waste business opportunities, community-led initiatives and non-profit organisations.

Zero Waste UK aims at amplifying the efforts made by all these initiatives and raise the visibility of their innovations and creativity. Our blog and social media channels are full of diverse zero waste related content including success stories, in-depth analyses and simple, quick and easy zero waste tips. You can expand your zero waste knowledge further in our learn more section, including stories from the zero waste best practices in municipalities across Europe, our zero waste allies in Zero Waste Europe and across the world in the GAIA and Zero Waste International Alliance networks.

Join our movement now – there are so many ways that you can get involved! Whether you are a busy bee and have little time to spare, or whether you are ready to totally commit to zero waste, there will definitely be a way to take action that will suit you.